So, first of all, dont check my soldering, im not professional 🙂 but i’d like to give idea

Thats it.
It’s a stereo output what is mono now, but works fine (i also have a sid2sid card, but i have to assemble it, and buy another sid new sid chip – hopefully will be another post if you are interested)

Its works with plugged in audio-video connector, so you dont need to unplug it.

I have a mini stereo amplifier connected it.

The main point is this, where to connect sound, its a c64c mainboard in a commodore 16 case (later post)

Solder here 1st wire, and solder ground to here (or you can use any ground point):

The white one 🙂 another one is 5V for my sd2iec. 

That was the difficult part.

Another part is depend on what connector do you want to use. You can use a simple mono rca one (or jack), or you can use stereo (left and right are simple connected). This is my friend’s work:

I used a connector from an external scsi cd writer, but i dont think you can see anything usefull:) :

This is what for an old pc-piece is good for 🙂

So, just connect an amplifier and you will hear the most beautiful soundchip in the history 🙂

Of course, do everything at your peril, sid chip is very delicate.
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